Maui Part Deux: Holistic Wellness in Wailea

“You haven't been to Hawaii unless you've been to Maui”. This was the consensus after telling several friends about the trip I had planned.  A long ago family vacation to Oahu was all I knew of Hawaii, and so I took their word for it.

As we drove south from the island’s northwestern shore, scenery changed from coastal towns and public beaches to endless fields of sugar cane, and finally, perfectly manicured lawns and tree lined streets as we entered the gates of Wailea.

Inside the remarkable open air lobby at the Four Seasons, Maui at Wailea, we were greeted with ginger mint lemonade as we admired the hotel pool with a massive fountain at its center, and the beach beyond.  It was late afternoon, and we had worked up an appetite. There were several tempting dining options to choose from – Wolfgang Puck’s Spago, Ferraro’s Italian cucina rustica, and our choice for the evening, DUO Steak & Seafood. We dined on truffle mac & cheese, Hamakua mushrooms, pork belly buns, and the catch of the day (Hawaiian red snapper) accompanied by a dry, aromatic Sancerre blanc. It was a delicious hodgepodge that left us wanting more…and more we had.  Tahitian crème brulee and a caramel banana followed, and then it was off to the town’s seaside walking path for some serious calorie burning.

As we strolled along, the faint sound of jazz became more and more intense, until we reached the source of the sound - The Maui Jazz & Blues Festival.  Lively rhythms co-mingled with the sound of the waves, and our walk became more of a dance as we continued under the moonlight.

Bright and early the following morning, I descended to the spa where I was scheduled for iLipo, a non-invasive laser therapy treatment designed to tighten the skin, reduce cellulite and contour the body. Skeptical at first, I met with Dr. Mark Emerson, who began by explaining the technology behind the treatment. Similar to the concept of laser vision correction, iLipo uses a specific frequency that targets fat cells and helps to release fat without damaging the cells. I chose a problem area to focus on, and Dr. Emerson proceeded to take my measurements.  I lay on a massage table as he placed four white squares, similar to remote controls, along my lower midriff.  He left them there for 20 minutes, and I waited painlessly and anxiously. 

Time flew by as we chatted about life on Maui, and before I knew it, it was time to measure again. The result - the same area now measured almost one inch less! Still difficult for me to comprehend, I headed for the gym where I was to follow up the treatment with 30 minutes of exercise.  I stepped onto one of the fitness center’s outdoor treadmills and walked briskly, feeling energized and now questioning my initial skepticism. With new found confidence, I headed to the beach until my next scheduled treatment – a lymphatic massage in a traditional Hawaiian hale near the beach.

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