If Paradise Existed...

The minute we stepped off the plane at Aeropuerto Internacional de Los Cabos, thoughts of azure waters, roadside cacti, colorful music, fish tacos and bottomless margaritas took over.  We picked up our bags, brushed past deal-making car rental representatives, and made a beeline for the man holding a sign that read ‘Las Ventanas al Paraiso, A Rosewood Resort’. 
We were directed only a few steps away to a shiny silver Mercedes SUV where ice cold Coronas and traditional Mexican candy made our 20 minute drive to Las Ventanas seem too short.
We eventually turned off Highway 1 into an unmarked driveway lined with aloe vera and agave plants, and pulled up to an arched entry that framed the Sea of Cortez below.  Welcomed with a shot of tequila foam, then whisked away on a tour of the grounds by our personal butler, we quickly realized this would be a weekend to remember.
Infinity Pool
Inside our beautiful ocean view suite, an intricately painted blue and white porcelain bottle flanked with tiny bowls of pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, almonds, lime and salt sat atop a wooden console table and was accompanied by instructions for proper tequila tasting.
Whitewashed walls, high ceilings strewn with bamboo, dark wood built-ins displaying traditional pottery and a rounded fireplace created a warm, luxurious atmosphere. The suite extended out to a veranda with lounge area, Jacuzzi, and an iron gate to a private rooftop terrace. Our gaze slowly moved from the deep blue sea to a candlelit restaurant below. We left our room to wander the resort’s meandering walkways and made our way there.
The menu offered an amazing selection of locally sourced, nationally inspired Mexican cuisine, but we left it to the chef to surprise us with his specialties.  Our gastronomical journey began with an appetizing bite of potato paste topped with shreds of soft white cheese and continued with salmon tartare, a chicken enchiladita in mole sauce, fresh red snapper and the highlight of our night - pig suckling. For dessert, a lime sherbet, warm churros drenched in chocolate sauce, and a bite-sized assortment of Mayan chocolate truffles, fruit tarts, rosemary marshmallows, and rice crispy treats infused with milk and dark chocolate.  A true Mexican feast.
Ocean View Suite
The next day, we were sweetly awoken by the sound of waves rolling gently to shore.  We sipped cappuccinos on the terrace and discussed the day ahead.  My husband arranged for an ATV experience in the nearby desert and foothills, while I prepared to visit the spa.
I took to a narrow walkway outside my room and soon found myself under a palapa where trickling water was the only sound to break the tranquil silence. A nearby bungalow housed a eucalyptus steam room and dry sauna, and its private garden a Jacuzzi and cold plunge pool.  The outdoor solarium with plush loungers was my final stop. As I lay there, an attendant had arrived without notice, and began to create harmonious tones using glass sound bowls. As I began to fall into a trance, my therapist arrived.
Spa Entry
Inside the treatment cabana, my therapist used a scrub exclusive to the Spa at Las Ventanas made with a species of flower that blooms only by the light of the moon. Her hands swept across my body, and the intoxicating aroma of the night flower prepared me for the calming massage that followed. Then came the pod.

Spa Cabana Garden
Skeptical at first, I stepped into a bathtub overflowing with bubbles and sprinkled with bougainvillea flowers. A glass top was closed over me so that I was immersed in a cocoon with only my head exposed to the sea breeze. Twenty-two jets began to create bubbles, mood lights started to glow, and showers began to sprinkle from the top of the pod. I sank deeper into the tub as I let myself go completely.

Forty-five minutes passed and I felt like I had relaxed for hours.  I stepped out of the tub and was escorted back to the solarium where I would partake in an aura cleansing ritual inspired by the ancient healers of Baja. 
Spa Solarium
I lay on a lounger, eyes covered. The sound of a hollow drum repeated a slow, imposing beat and the smell of sage smoke was all-consuming.  As sounds and scents became more intense, I found myself standing before the healer, eyes closed and arms raised to my sides. Although I could not see him, his presence and prayers could be felt. He used eagle feathers to quickly stroke my arms and head as if sweeping away negative thoughts.  And then I lay to rest.  The drum beat continued until I awoke and found myself alone.
We left the next day and vowed to return.

The Las Ventanas experience is a combination of many things, but one thing is for sure - you will leave relaxed, rejuvenated, and definitely wanting more.

For more on the Spa at Las Ventanas, download Spa Wanderlust for Apple or Android.